The essence of my understanding and making of art lies in the experience process. I am not driven or guided by any manifesto. Instead, I believe that each of us lives his life in his own, individual way and throughout life forms his own mental patterns. Therefore I object to the habit of formulation of unanimous judgments or opinions, also in art. My aim is to offer a recipient food for thought, an incentive for further reflection.
 Visual arts are my most natural form of expression and impact me the most, therefore in every artwork I pay particular attention to the visual aspect. I'm interested in what it reveals at first contact, on an experiential level, before the conceptualizing power of language and culture sets in. That's why my works, regardless of how deeply they delve into cultural discourses, are rooted in a subjective, personal and sensuous attitude to reality. Each time I intuitively opt for a different, often a time drastically different, space for my work, and the work itself is a reply to or commentary on the idiosyncratic specificity of the given place and time.

 Artist, sculptor and didactic employee at faculty of Industrial design at Academy of Arts and West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin. She obtained her PhD degree in sculpture at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. Apart from her didactic work she deals with all kinds of sculpture and spatial design, creating interdisciplinary artistic installations, monumental or site-specific objects and involving herself in re-design. She has completed a number of artistic projects for private entities as well as ones in cooperation with cultural institutions.
  She came with idea of Remondis Art Corner in Szczecin - a place in public space where the monumental sculptures were created and exhibited.
Since 2017 Monika Szpener has been a curator of One/Second Gallery in Szczecin.

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